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Words are powerful, which is true even when it comes to selling product in an online store. Attention grabbing titles, informative descriptions and high quality pictures are keys to increase sells, but still many storeowners do not take advantage of them when trying to get their sales up.

Why do we even need product`s titles and descriptions?

Products` titles and descriptions are key factors for many reasons. Firstly, products with good titles and descriptions are going to get better rankings in browsers, which means they will be found even if the customer is not familiar with your online store, but is looking for specific product that you are selling.

Second, attractive title will persuade the user that is looking through your online store to take a closer look at the product. Third, informative description with all the key information will offer the user all the information that he needs to think about the buy. And if you add a few interesting pictures you can be almost sure the customer will think about the purchase.

Lets take a look at some of the most useful tips for creating good titles and descriptions.

Think about the users

When it comes to writing any kind of content for your online store, you should think about the customers that will buy the product or at least think about buying it. If you have read the article about how to reach your first sell, then you already know how to create your own buyer personas. And if you have created your buyer personas than you already know what tone you should use, which words to choose and also which features you should expose to change visitor into a buyer.

Just think about two very different scenarios – let say you are selling a medical device and your primary target are older men. And some other online store is selling products for teenage girls. You can image that the tone of the voice, the included information and the style of writing will be quite different.

Get the imagination going

No matter who are you writing for, you should aim to guide them into their imaginary world – so they can imagine how magical their life is going to be after they buy the product and how positive it is going to influence their life.

Just think about this: nobody buys a mat for working out and imagines how he or she is going to exercise on it. We all buy it because we image how we will look in our favourite clothes after exercises.

One of the best ways to get the users imagination going is to include a short story about the product or about the happy customer.

Include a short summary

Although it is a good idea to write a bit longer descriptions about your products, you should keep in mind that many users do not have a lot of time and will just take a quick look at the product and search for the most important information they need before they decide to buy it.

It is a good idea to think about those buyers when you write your descriptions. The most effective way is to include a short description with the most important information. You can also add some additional tabs with specific information or include lists with key points into your descriptions.

Choose the right words

If you have a large online store with lots of products, you will probably found yourself in a situation when you run out of ideas for descriptions. One of the most effective ways to make sure that does not happen is to create a list with the most important information about each product.

Once you create a list, add words that have the biggest effect on the customers. Include words linked to sensory feelings (size, taste, feel and smell) and words that will encourage some kinds of emotions in your readers.

Another group of words that should be used while creating descriptions are words that encourage the immediate buy of product. Some of the most effective words are: sale, promotion, amazing offer, buy now, limited offer, hot product, new product and so on.

Which words you chose and how your finial descriptions looks like should depend on your created buyer personas.

Create trustworthiness

Important element that will have a huge impact on the customer` decision whether to buy a product or not is if the customer trusts you or not. Most effective ways to be seen as more trustworthy is to include words that improve trust and to include evidence for your claims.

Note that those evidences can be very different – from specific studies and researches, claims of doctors and specialists from different areas, to testimonials and before/after pictures.

Do not forget about the most important information

A research about the buying process of customers has shown that user visits on average three web pages before he or she makes a purchase. Make sure you include all the most important information about the product into description that will allow the user to compare it with all the other products he is thinking about buying.

One of more effective ways for customers to compare different products from your online store are special plugins or integrations that create automatic tables with the most important data about the product. Try to include them into your store if that is possible.