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About us

Application Qwilink was developed to fulfil a simple wish: get great results with a small team.

Years ago, we had created a huge online store for selling electro material. With wish to increase number of sales we had spent a lot of time regularly updating content in the store and on social media. Despite our effort, we have soon discovered we are spending too much time and money doing that, as our sales were not yet big enough to support our efforts.

We got an idea to develop our own connector, which would allow us to publish special offers on multiple channels at once, while also allowing us to easily change the prices in our online store. We had programmed a simple connector, which served its purpose perfectly. It saved us an enormous amount of time and allowed us to stay present on multiple social media channels. We improved our position in browsers and stayed on top of our promotional offers, even with a small number of employees. Soon the sales began increasing as well. We told our story to our friends and business partners, and they wanted to try out the connector as well.


We are sure that we have developed an application, which will help every online storeowner with digital marketing.

They loved its effectiveness so much that we have decided to develop a product for other companies that are having the same issues as we did.

Qwilink has now become a popular marketing tool used by an increasing number of companies that want to succeed online. With the help of their suggestions and their experience in the field of digital marketing, Qwilink is constantly developing and improving.

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Our Mastermind

Matjaž Kristan


Matjaž Kristan is the mastermind behind the application Qwilink, CEO and creator of company Acenta, leading Slovenian provider for mobile and online marketing. He has been working in the field of marketing since 1988. The main reason for his professional path are books – not only because he was reading and studying them. He developed a special relationship with them. As top expert he fawn them with developing and leading marketing strategies. He discovered his new love – online and mobile marketing – and started his new profession almost without any prior knowledge.
Creativity, faith and passion for new challenges have lead him to become innovative, professional and successful businessperson. Matjaž has been speaking on many different events, among them on international conference EDEN and Encuentros, on Slovenian Tourist Forum, and on the Slovenian University for Tourism.

Matjaž is the author of articles from the field of digital marketing, and he shares his ideas and new conceptions on different workshops and masterminds. Company’s successful results are reached thanks to the great promotional activities carried out through their own network of sales people for which they received an award Zlati sejalec.

He helped to more than 3000 companies in Slovenia, which reached bigger sales and have optimized their companies’ processes.
He is hyperactive, he recharges his batteries on a free ride skiing and freeride cycling, and relaxes his brain on saling.



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