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How we can help you

Fast product import

Import all products from your online store with just a click. Or create a .csv spreadsheet and use Qwilink even before you create your own official e-store.

Campaign Creation

Five different options to create instant or longer campaigns. Automatize your posts for all channels and create campaigns that will lead to more followers and to more sales.

Campaign Calendar

All campaigns are created automatically with an option to easily edit them. You can now create campaigns for weeks or months with just a few simple clicks.

Improved Analytics

Multiple analytics options allow you to keep track of your most successful campaigns. Know what works best for your audience!

Save time

Qwilink is a digital media application that will save your time by allowing you to automatize your social media activities. It is a tool that can increase your productivity and helps you reach your business goals faster.

Automatic Creation

Qwilink offers the option to automatically create all kinds of campaigns. All you need to do is choose the products, campaign type and publishing time. The app will take care of the rest!

All in one place

Qwilink allows you to connect your account with unlimited number of your social media accounts and with multiple other channels. That means you can now create automatic posts and campaigns for different channels from one app!