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Digital marketing includes many forms and many techniques, which are more or less useful in specific areas. Before you start developing your digital marketing plan, you should know at least those 15 tips for successful marketing that will make the promotion of your products more effective.

1. Create amazing selling message

When it comes to selling products and services, many companies do a typical beginners mistake – they want to offer everything, for anybody. Their products are the best, the most innovative, technologically amazing, and even the cheapest. Even though this approach can lead into positive results at the beginning of your business path, you will soon discover it make more sense to base your selling message on one or two advantages.

It is not necessary for your product to be the cheapest, the most beautiful and the most useful – it is enough to write a few statements about the technological features that make your product stand out from the rest on the market and about the amazing benefits the product brings.

2. Found your space on social media

Social media have become an almost indispensable part of everyday life for many people, among them some of your potential customers. Crowds of people, free usage and almost unlimited possibilities for advertising are just some of the features that have an impact on businesses using multiple social media. But, more is not always better.

Every storeowner should consider the specific features of each social media before creating its own account. Some social media attract very specific type of users. Pinterest is popular among women, while Instagram is full of younger users.

Businesses that are selling products designed for men will have hard time creating sales on Pinterest and businesses with medical equipment will probably be losing their time with Instagram promotions.

3. Evaluate your web page

Web page is an important element of every modern business. If you have a bit older web page that you are not updating on a regular basis there is a good chance that you are losing a huge potential. You should make sure your web page contains promptly information, especially when it comes to contact information. Your page should be clear, modern and designed for users on all devices.

4. Add landing pages

As much as it is important to have a good and updated web page, it is also important to have specific landing pages. Landing pages are parts of your web page that users reach, when they click on an ad or when they are searching for a specific type of products.

In general, landing pages should be created in a way to make your potential users reach the exact page that they are looking for – if they are looking for men`s hiking boots they should reach a landing page designed for men`s hiking boots and not the online store in general.

Landing pages should be designed to lead the user to a specific product and towards a specific goal. They should have a clear call to action, clear design and should be a logical part of the webpage.

5. Become smart advertiser

Online word is full of different options for advertising. No matter what kind of advertising activities you choose, let it be Google Ads, social media advertising or email campaigns, you should do it with a clear strategic plan in your mind. Set SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound goals.

Once you set your goals, choose the most appropriate advertising plan. Then keep a track on all of your activities and measure the results. If you notice that the results are not as good as you were aiming for, find a reason why and test different variations of ads to find those that bring the best results.

6. Keep your buyer personas updated

Buying personas are those persons that will most likely decide to buy your product or products. Before you start selling online and creating content for your online store, you should create one or more buyer personas. That will help you create the right kind of content for your potential buyers, help you choose the tone of communicating with them and to promote product in the most efficient way.

After some time, when you start getting real customers, you should take some time and update your buyer personas. You will probably see that some of your expectations and features that you have chosen for your personas were not the same as the ones from actual buyers. Once you update your buyer personas update your marketing activities as well.

7. The 80-20 rule

80-20 rule is one of the most basic digital marketing rules and it linked to the amount of content that should be created for direct advertising of your products compared to other content created as more of an indirect advertising. The rule is simple – make 80% of your content useful (such as useful tips, educational blog posts, entertaining content for Facebook and so on) and the other 20% selling content.

8. Build your network

When it comes to the online word, numbers of likes, followers and comments present important measurements of success. But, with a huge number of already established companies with great content and lots of followers, it is hard to get to the top, especially if you are just starting out and you are entering a highly competitive niche where your competitors already build strong online presence.

In that case, it is important to think about networking and building a strong community. Reach out to different influencers in your niche, to individuals and to other companies and build your own network that can be a great stepping-stone to success.

9. Improve your content marketing

Content marketing is one of the key, but still underused, techniques to increase sales. Content marketing can include everything from writing articles, shooting video content, adding content to FAQ section, to publishing testimonials of happy customers.

Good content marketing will help you reach better positions in browsers, larger number of people and followers will see your posts, and your products will gain additional value in the eyes of the buyers.

10. Your clients are your inspiration

When it comes to promoting your products and to content marketing, you should really do everything with your customers in mind. Check what they are talking about on forums, what kind of questions they ask on social media, what they are talking about and what kind of product they like. When you gather those information, design your content marketing accordingly and make sure your customers will reach your web page even if they are just looking for useful information.

11. Think about optimization

Optimization is tightly connected with what your users will find when they look for products similar to those you are selling. With good design of your webpage, great content marketing and good knowledge about your buyer personas your page will become a valuable source of information for all users, what will be awarded with better positions in browsers as well.

12. Do not forget about analytics

Analytics with real time data is an important source of information about the troubles on your webpage. It can happen that sometimes the number of visitors of specific part of your page drops down, that users start leaving a specific page in large numbers and that you notice a huge increase in bounce rate.

Those are some of the clear signs that something is wrong and should be fixed as soon as possible. All of the mentioned problems can be detected using Google Analytics. You should search for those kinds of changes and for reasons why they appeared, and for other changes that appear without any noticeable reason. Make sure you fix all the issues as soon as you see them and make sure you protect your page from them appearing again in the future.

13. Study the buying process

You can also use Google Analytics for studying how your buyers move through the buying process. Although you will need a bit more advanced knowledge of Google Analytics, that is one of the most effective ways to discover how your customers are behaving after they add products to the cart and if they have problems on any stage of the buying process.

As soon as you see any big changes or problems, take some time and study why the changes or problems appeared.

14. Stay innovative

Innovation in digital marketing and marketing in general is almost always rewarded. People love interesting and sometimes even a bit “crazy” ideas that stand out from the rest. That is why you should not be afraid to stand out and be willing to try new ideas on social media, when creating email campaigns and also in other marketing activities.

15. Do not stay behind

As everything in today`s fast world of technology, the trends in the field of online stores and in advertising keep changing. It is important for you to be aware of any novelties and to include them in your activities, at least to some point. It is not smart to follow every change and every trend that appears on the market – that can even cause some problems. Make sure you know the trends and have sense about which of them could be beneficial for your business.